Igor and The Red Elvises

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 9pm

This event has passed.

The Red Elvises (also known as Igor and Red Elvises, after founding member and bandleader Igor Yuzov) are a Russian-American band that performs funk-rocksurfrockabillyreggaefolk-rock and traditional Russian styles of music. They were founded in California in the mid-1990s and are based in Los Angeles.


In early 2009, the Red Elvises announced that longtime member and bassist Bernov had decided to leave the band. Subsequent postings on their website announced either that he was on a "friendly hiatus" or had gone on to start his own group. In February 2009 Bernov announced that, literally, he had joined the circus—a Russian traveling group called Slava's Snowshow, in which Bernov plays a clown.[1]

Later that month, Yuzov rolled out a new line-up called, "Igor and Red Elvises". Their first performance under this new moniker was at Rusty's in Santa Monica, featuring mostly new band members (except Yuzov and Gust). The line-up was scaled down drastically when they played for a few days in April on Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade, with Bernov back in the fold for a few performances. In May 2009 former bassist Bernov showed up at former guitarist Rock's birthday party in Texas and the two jammed out to a few songs in front of friends and family. Bernov also joined the Red Elvises' touring lineup on keyboard and accordion during March 2010.

The band continues to tour relentlessly throughout 2014, with Oleg Bernov back in the line-up on his big, red, bass balalaika.